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Preview Ruby 1.9 for Symbian OS at the Smartphone Show

February 7, 2008

Come to the Smartphone Show to discuss and preview the Symbian Research port of the upcoming Ruby 1.9 for Symbian OS. While the Ruby community is eagerly waiting for the official release of Ruby 1.9.1 this Christmas, Symbian Research and Pragmaticomm Limited have ported the new Ruby 1.9 Virtual Machine to Symbian OS v9.

YARV, as it is otherwise known, is a multi-threaded Ruby VM, with a 2x-10x times better performance than its predecessor. YARV implements the new Ruby 1.9 language specification, uses a bytecode engine, native threads, inline method caching and many more optimisations. Symbian Research is going to contribute all code back to the Ruby community as soon as possible, while Pragmaticomm engineers will be happy to demo Ruby 1.9 running on Symbian OS devices at the Smartphone Show.

David Wood, Symbian EVP of Research commented, “This project has been carried out in part to accelerate work on an EC-funded project, GREDIA. At the same time we hope that we can benefit all Symbian developers and the Ruby community”. John Pagonis, project lead from Pragmaticomm, said “It has been both fun and productive working with Ruby and open source on Symbian OS” Come and see Ruby 1.9 on Symbian OS for yourself!

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