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Introducing PersonalBrain4.0 Beta

May 28, 2007

PersonalBrain 4.0 is getting really great, comes over 60 new features, I have checked by myself as a Beta user. will introduce it by a webinar on June 5th, check it out!!
PB4 Beta Download
PB4 Features List
PB4 Recent Changes


Ruby IDE public beta test available from CodeGear

May 26, 2007

The JBuilder team is hard at work on building an IDE for Ruby which is now available for beta testing.

Visual Paradigm will support Ruby in the next release

May 25, 2007

The UML tool Visual Paradigm will support Ruby in next release (VP-UML 6.1), which is planned to release in 3 July, 2007.

CodeGear CEO eyes Ruby

May 8, 2007

Better later than never, it is nice to see that soon we are going to have news related to Ruby coming from CodeGear(BORLAND), as InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill spoke with Douglas last week about CodeGear and its mission see:

Dynamic Languages and .NET

May 6, 2007

Microsoft has suddenly ‘seen the future’ – and it’s dynamic.
You know, as in ‘dynamic languages’…? “Oh, those!” you might say. What’s so futuristic about those?

Microsoft Hopes to Turn a Silverlight on Flash

May 6, 2007

Microsoft is using its Silverlight cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the web next generation. Now Microsoft not only supports Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C# but Ruby as well.,1895,2123782,00.asp

Microsoft announces IronRuby

May 6, 2007

At their MIX07 conference Microsoft has just announced IronRuby, a Ruby implementation running on the .NET CLR.