On 2007 expectations? But there are warnings, and global ones…

This time of the year people used to balance about the important events occurred along it whether there are technical or not, and also talk about the expectations of the future. Meanwhile due to the changing of the weather you start noticing some warnings such as that there are some Islands disappearing already due to the greenhouse effect. I start reminding that since Carl Sagan statement saying “Who Speaks from Earth”, and then some other great names come at my mind , such as David Bohm talking about  “..a  changing in consciousness is needed otherwise we are going to destruct ourselves”James Lovelock on his book “The Revenge of Gaia” , Al Gore  on his documentary “An Incovenient Truth” and finaly J. Krishnamurti on his book “All Marvelous Earth” in order not to forget how beautiful it is – the place we live in and which without it nothing that is possible.

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