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Microsoft Hires Ruby Guru

October 24, 2006

Microsoft Hires Ruby Guru John Lam, the creator of RubyCLR, signs on to help the software giant implement dynamic languages on .Net.,1895,2035260,00.asp
RubyCLR Creator to Join Microsoft


JRuby shines on Sun Microsystems homepage

October 24, 2006

See these two interviews directly from the Sun Microsystems Homepage ( with the JRuby team.
Learn about JRuby with Thomas Enebo
Learn about JRuby with Charles Nutter
JRuby Team Making Progress

RubyConf 2006: Breaking News from the Show

October 24, 2006

Recent reports from the Sixth International Ruby Conference ( by Jack Woehr from DDJ Magazine.;jsessionid=SQOQBNSCV4HXGQSNDLOSKH0CJUNN2JVN
Blogging about RubyConf 2006 by Curt Hibbs from O’reilly

PersonalBrain 4 private beta release is available

October 16, 2006

The private beta release will be available before the end of October, and will not be announced on and is an early release for the dedicated PersonalBrain user community, see below:

To sign up, send email to

PersonalBrain 4 Key New Features:
The list below is just a few of the key new features. PB4 will be cross platform, with support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Improved visual interface:

o Expanded view of thoughts that lets you see more of your Brain at once.
o Advanced graphics rendering engine for improved readability (anti-aliasing, semi-transparent backgrounds, shadows, smart wallpaper scaling, etc).
o Customizable thought icons.
o Zoomable thumbnails for images.
o Mass selection and deletion of thoughts.

    Powerful search:

    o Indexed natural language search of all content including notes and attachments in many file formats (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.).

      Flexible storage:

      o Multiple attachments per thought.
      o “Save As” support.
      o XML export capability built in.
      o Unlimited numbers of thoughts and relationships.

        Easy ways to share your Brain:

        o Publish to HTML (generates a read-only version of your Brain that can be accessed through any modern Web browser without the need for any plug-ins).

          Enhanced notes:

          o Spell checking.
          o Word count.
          o Hyperlinks.
          o Tables.
          o Multi-level bullets and numbered lists.

            Tim Bray on Rails, REST, Java Dynamic Languages, and More

            October 16, 2006

            At the Canada on Rails conference held earlier this year, InfoQ Ruby editor Obie Fernandez recorded an interview with Tim Bray, one of the inventors of XML and current Director of Web Technologies for Sun Microsystems. Tim did not hesitate to share his frank opinions regarding Ruby and Rails, JRuby, the impact of dynamic languages on web development, static versus dynamic typing, Sun’s support of the JRuby project, Atom, and WS-* versus REST approaches to systems integration.

            Ruby declared “mainstream”

            October 16, 2006

            The Ruby programming language just made the A-list on the TIOBE Programming Community Index, and Ruby is now listed as a mainstream programming language.