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Sun Takes on

September 25, 2006

Sun Microsystems announced last week that Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo, the chief maintainers of JRuby, are joining the company as full-time employees. Nutter and Enebo are set to spend all their time working on the open-source JRuby project, with a particular focus on developer tools. Specifically, they are charged with bringing JRuby to 1.0 status.


Ruby the Rival

September 25, 2006

Bruce Tate’s Beyond Java argues that Java’s reign as the top enterprise development language must eventually come to an end and that, for the first time in a decade, major enterprise innovation is occurring outside of the Java realm. In the book, he looks at the unique traits that has allowed to Java to achieve its unprecedented level of success, and then considers what new languages would have to do and be to succeed Java.

Make Ruby on Rails easy with RadRails and Eclipse

September 25, 2006

Rails and RadRails is the Eclipse-based IDE for Ruby on Rails. Learn about installing RadRails, the structure and use of the application window, and the primary steps in developing an application.

Yahoo promotes Flash, Ruby mashups

September 25, 2006

Yahoo announced on Thursday the addition of the Flash Developer Center and Ruby Developer Center to its Yahoo Developer Network ( Each center contains how-to articles, downloadable components, access to mailing lists and links to external resources. Promoting Flash and Ruby makes sense, because both languages have become very popular for building next-generation applications, said David Smith, a Gartner Inc. analyst.–ruby-mashups.html

New! ObjectiveView Issue 9

September 25, 2006

Issue #9 of ObjectiveView [pdf], a highly respected on-line journal has a sort of Ruby Special: lots of articles devoted to Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.

Ruby Hype reaches Africa

September 13, 2006

As part of the on-going collaboration between the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT and the Finatrade Foundation, over one hundred ICT tutors from forty four Senior Secondary Schools (SSS) are expected to be trained in Ruby Programming Language. Ruby is a new generation and a dynamic object oriented programming language.

PuneRuby interviews the “Ruby Programming community” leader in Ericsson

September 9, 2006

It is an interview with the Ericsson Ruby Programming commmunity leader by a famous Indian Ruby User Group from Pune, a city called ‘Oxford of the East’ and is also home to many software and IT companies. “PuneRuby” is known also to be interviewed many Ruby gurus such as Bruce Tate and Charles Nutter (now just hired Sun).